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This is the privacy and cookie statement for the Holland Tyre B.V. website. This statement provides information about how we handle the personal data (hereinafter: data) that we collect through this website. In addition, we provide information about our security policy and your rights. 

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This is the privacy and cookie statement for the Holland Tyre B.V. website. This statement provides information about how we handle the personal data (hereinafter: data) that we collect through this website. In addition, we provide information about our security policy and your rights. 

We may change this statement if developments give cause to do so, for example in the case of added functionality. The most current privacy statement can be found on our website. We recommend that you regularly consult this privacy and cookie statement, so that you are also kept informed of the changes. 


Holland Tyre B.V. (hereinafter: Holland Tyre) is responsible for the processing of your data. For example, Holland Tyre determines how and which data is processed, for what purposes and for how long. 

Our visiting address is Korenmaat 8 (9405 TJ) Assen. 

Data protection officer

Holland Tyre has appointed a data protection officer. This is someone who ensures that your data is processed in accordance with the law. The duties of the data protection officer include supervision, handling questions and complaints and advising on the processing and security of your data. Our officer can be reached via 

Our privacy / cookie statement will sometimes be changed by, for example, legislative changes. It is therefore advisable to consult the statement periodically. 

Klaas Smid| Directeur | Holland Tyre B.V.

  1. Holland Tyre B.V. 
  2. Purpose of data 
  3. Cookie statement 
  4. Recipients 
  5. Storage period 
  6. Security 
  7. Your rights 
  8. Duties 

1. Holland Tyre B.V.

You are currently reading the privacy and cookie statement of Holland Tyre B.V. 

There are situations in which your data is provided by Holland Tyre B.V. collected. In this statement you can read how this data is handled and how you can indicate your wishes regarding your data. 

If you do not feel comfortable with the use of your data by Holland Tyre, please do not hesitate to contact us. | 0592 333 030 | Korenmaat 8 | 9405 TJ | Assen | The Netherlands 

VAT. No. NL008594612B01 | Chamber of Commerce no. 04077644 

Holland Tyre B.V. is a private company, which is run by Klaas Smid. 

2. Doel gegevens

We process your data via the website exclusively for the purpose of facilitating and analysing your website visit and providing services to you in the field of the range of products and the diversity herein. In addition, data is automatically processed for the technical and functional management of our website, to enable the use of our website and to analyse your visit and surfing behaviour. Therefore, we process; your IP address, the visited pages, the used internet browser, information and the time and duration of the website visit. We use cookies for this, see below under the heading “Cookies”. 

Personal data is collected by Holland Tyre B.V. for a number of purposes. These are explained below: 

  • Sending newsletters

Holland Tyre sends newsletters up to 12 times a year by e-mail. These newsletters are commercial on the one hand and aimed at knowledge sharing on the other. First name and e-mail address are collected via the appropriate form on our website. In addition, you may be asked verbally or textually to register. 

  • Contact

Your data is collected when you contact Holland Tyre via the website. However, this form only asks for the necessary information to be able to offer a proposal or a service, such as your name, company name, e-mail address, telephone number and address details. 

  • Analytics

The Holland Tyre website collects your data to improve the website. This is done with Google Analytics. These data are anonymous and are therefore not linked to your personal data. This includes information such as the duration of your website visit or the pages you visit a lot. 

All data will only be processed with your explicit consent or to implement the agreements that are entered into, or because processing is necessary to bring you into contact with potential relations and/or manufacturers. 

3. Cookie statement

Last modified on May 1, 2018 

This is the cookie statement of Holland Tyre B.V. (Chamber of Commerce No. 04077644) 

Below is a list of the types of cookies we use. 

We use functional cookies for: 

• Remembering items that you add to your shopping cart while shopping online. 

• Remembering information that you enter on the various pages during the order, so that you do not have to enter all your details again. 

• Passing on information from one page to the next page, for example if you have to enter a lot of data for an online order. 

• Saving preferences, such as language, location and the desired number of search results to be displayed. 

• Saving settings for optimal video display, such as the desired buffer size and the resolution data of your screen. 

• Reading your browser settings in order to optimally display our website on your screen. 

• Offering the option to save login details, so that you do not have to enter them every time. 

• Making it possible to respond to our website. 

We use analytical cookies for: 

• Keeping track of the number of visitors on the webpage of Holland Tyre B.V. 

• Keeping track of the amount of time each visitor spends on our web pages. 

• Determining the order in which a visitor visits the different pages of Holland Tyre. 

• Assessing which parts of our site need to be adjusted. 

• Optimizing the website. 

We use advertising cookies for: 

• Keeping track of the number of visitors who click on an advertisement, which is important for the settlement with the party from which the advertising space is purchased. 

We use interests and preferences cookies so that: 

• It can be checked whether you have clicked on an advertisement; 

Also social media cookies are used. 

Good to know

If you disable cookies, our shop may not work as well. It may be that certain functions of our site are no longer available. Please note: even if you disable cookies you will continue to see advertisements outside our website. If you delete all cookies in your browser, you will automatically be logged out everywhere (so in principle also at other websites that you use). 

Cookies from third parties 

Holland Tyre refers to websites of other companies and persons, for example via hyperlinks. These are also often referred to as “third party cookies”. Do you want to delete cookies from third parties? Follow the instructions in the cookie and privacy statements of these parties to delete the cookies or adjust your settings. We are not responsible or liable for the processing of your data via those websites. This privacy and cookie statement therefore does not apply to the use of third-party websites. 

4. Recipients

The data that Holland Tire B.V. received and processed are managed by: 


The newsletters are sent with Mailchimp. When you sign up for the newsletter, your e-mail address and first name are automatically saved in the appropriate list within Mailchimp. The maximum frequency at which you receive a newsletter is 12 times a year. 


The e-mail and website of Holland Tyre is hosted. Information that you leave on the Holland Tyre website is stored on a server. If you would like to know more about this, please contact our data protection officer by sending an email to 

5. Storage period 

In general, we do not keep your data longer than necessary for the purpose for which we collected your data. After that, we will delete or anonymize your data, unless we need certain data for longer for another purpose. If that is the case, we have a basis for this and we will ensure that this data is only accessible for that other purpose. An example is that we must keep a number of documents for a minimum period for tax or administrative purposes. In those cases, we will only keep the data that is necessary to comply with our legal obligations. After the legal retention periods, we will delete or anonymize your data. To guarantee the warranty period for our tires and wheels, we store your data for a maximum of 7 years. 

6. Security

No physical copies are made of your personal data. Your data is only managed in the aforementioned systems and software. 

Holland Tyre has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that your data is properly secured and processed exclusively for specific purposes. Our security takes into account the processing risks of your data, especially as a result of loss or unlawful use. Holland Tyre uses, among other things, secure servers and firewalls. 

The devices that open your data are each also locked with a password and/or fingerprint. The number of these devices is limited to only the necessary devices. 

In addition, your visit to our website is secured by an SSL certificate. This means that your connection to the Holland Tyre website is private. Recognizable by the lock in front of the URL. 

7. Your rights

Right of acces

You have the right to request your data at any time that Holland Tyre B.V. recorded and saved. You can request an overview of your data by sending an e-mail or by calling Holland Tyre. 

Right to rectification 

Are your details incorrect? Or did your data changed? You have the right to have this rectified by Holland Tyre. You can adjust your data regarding the newsletter via the appropriate URL at the bottom of each email. 

Right to transfer 

If you need the data stored at Holland Tyre in the event that you switch to another party or service, you have the right to transfer. Holland Tyre must transfer all your data to the other party. 

Right to erasure of data 

Do you no longer want your data to be registered with Holland Tyre? Then you have the right to have your data deleted.

Right to file a complaint 

You have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority if you believe that Holland Tyre is not handling your data correctly. This can be done via this link

Right to stop data use (objection) 

Do you not want Holland Tyre B.V. to use your data? You have the right to stop the use of your personal data. Mail us to 

8. Duties and principles 

Holland Tyre processes personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest, namely a commercial interest. Think of offering products or services via e-mail. Your data will never be sold to third parties. 

The information that is required to provide is the minimum information required to offer products or services. If this mandatory information is not provided, Holland Tyre cannot offer the relevant service. 


Holland Tyre needs a legal basis in order to lawfully process your data. This is the basis that the law provides for processing data. The fundamentals that are most important to us are discussed below: 


One of the bases for processing your data is prior consent for one or more specific purposes. “Consent” is any free, specific, informed and unambiguous expression of will by which you accept data processing by means of a statement or unambiguous active action. Consent is not the only basis for processing your data. Other equally important grounds for processing your data without permission are the following: 

Necessary for the execution of the agreement 

The data processing is necessary (a) to take measures at your request before entering into an agreement or (b) to implement any agreement between you and Holland Tyre. An example is that we need your data in the context of the delivery of goods and / or services, for the execution of the purchase agreement. 

Necessary to comply with legal obligations 

The data processing is necessary to comply with legal obligations that apply to Holland Tyre B.V. This includes obligations towards the tax authorities. 

Necessary for the defence of legitimate interests 

The data processing is necessary for the representation of the legitimate interests of Holland Tyre or a third party, unless your interests, fundamental rights and fundamental freedom that require the protection of your data outweigh our interests. We also refer to legitimate interests below. 

In order to be able to rely on this basis, we will first determine whether there are legitimate interests. You can think of processing operations that fall under our normal business operations or daily management. In doing so, we will respect your rights and ensure that we can demonstrate compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

If it is necessary to share data that you have shared with Holland Tyre with others than the above-mentioned parties (for example, to offer a service), your permission will be requested first. 

Holland Tyre reserves the right to disclose the data when required by law or when it deems justified to comply with a legal request / process or to protect the rights, property or safety of Holland Tyre B.V. We always try to respect your right to privacy as much as possible. 

Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us via the contact details below. | Korenmaat 8 | 9405 TJ Assen | The Netherlands | VAT NL008594612B01 | Chamber of Commerce No. 04077644