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Holland Tyre, the wholesaler for tyres and wheels! With a warehouse of 15.000 m² we keep many brands and sizes in stock, so we can guarantee fast delivery.
We are specialised in the agricultural, earthmoving, lawn and garden, industry and port sectors. With our knowledge and professional advice gained through years of experience, we like to contribute to finding
the best tyre solution!


Holland Tyre has built up a good reputation and became well-known in the international tyre and wheel industry. Through the years both the range of brands and sizes and the customer base have undergone various changes. As the market expands, Holland Tyre develops and grows with it. We try to innovate continuously and to keep up with all developments in the tyre and wheel market. In this way we continue to meet the wishes and needs of our customers and with our professional advice we provide the best solution for every tyre problem!

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Holland Tyre was the first wholesaler to start importing the tyre brand Alliance into Europe. Today a well-known and appreciated brand, which still occupies a large part of our warehouse. Years ago Holland Tyre discovered the brand CEAT, of which we are still -with pride- an official dealer. In addition, we have many other great brands, such as our new brand Nortec.

For wheels and rims we represent the brands LP Wheels (Finland) and Jantsa (Turkey). Therefore, tyre-on-wheel requests are no problem either! We also have tubes in various sizes in stock.

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Thanks to the large warehouse of Holland Tyre it is possible to deliver tyres quickly. If ordered today, it is delivered within 24 hours in the Benelux. In Germany we can deliver from stock within 48 hours to any requested address. In addition we deliver to our customers in the UK at a monthly basis, with our own truck and driver. At Holland Tyre everything is possible, special delivery address or tyre size needed? Contact our professionals to find out what the possibilities are!


Thanks to many years of experience in the world of tyres and wheels, a lot of knowledge has been gained. The latest developments are closely monitored and Holland Tyre tries in this way to respond to the developments and needs of the customer.
We contribute to the development of new tyres and sizes, in order to keep offering a large and varied assortment.
We like to contribute to all tyre and/or wheel issues, our professionals see every ‘problem’ as a challenge.

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Holland Tyre has been operating worldwide for decades. In addition to the import of goods from, among others, India and Turkey, we ensure that an order is supplied to any requested delivery address. In this way we have been able to arrange beautiful deliveries for customers from Iceland, India and Argentina. Please feel free to contact us to find out the possibilities.

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Customised solutions, view our projects here

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have been able to contribute to special projects. Because of our knowledge and professional advice, we see all questions about tyres and wheels as a real challenge! With great pride we have been part of these special projects, ending in a beautiful result. See and read more about our projects.